Memories of Old Opera…

No, not La Traviata or Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail – memories of starting my journey with the old (version 4.x) of Opera on Windows 98SE (!) when I could have paid for it and avoided the little ads that financed it.

I’ve just been reading an article about the development of Vivaldi over at The Register and I have to admit, now that I live on Linux every day and actually have paid-for software on it for what turned out to be the start of a ground-breaking period for me in terms of familiarisation with a lot of the free stuff there (based at that time on Mandriva 2008), the idea that Vivaldi could be my main browser and that to help finance its long-term development I might consider being a paying customer seems… highly desirable. Contributing financially and directly rather than just leaving it to Jon’s Opera-style business model… yes, I can really see it.

The article is here: and I agree with those who think that paying for it might be a good idea.

The features I would really like to see are the return of something astonishingly like Opera Unite, and full skin integration with my desktop. I got Flash working (although I would have preferred not to) and I am amazed at how much I am doing with Vivaldi on a daily basis. It makes me a Happy Chappie, I kid you not!

But maybe I should also say that fond memories of Opera with Unite on Linux seemed like a “golden era” for me. Now that I have Vivaldi surgically welded into my Linux desktop, it’s virtually all that I need. I was even able to print PDFs directly from V this week when the usual Okular (we’re talking KDE here) seemed to have problems initiating print jobs with my Epson SP1390 (also a very fine piece of kit). Words fail me; every time I use V, I can feel the love.

So again, I would like to thank Jon and his team, especially as the Mageia repos only seem to have an old version of Opera available. As this becomes increasingly obsolescent, Vivaldi is proving to be a fine replacement.

Seriously. Words fail me!

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